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    by Patricia Celidon - Tuesday, 5 January 2016, 7:47 PM
    Anyone in the world

    Leamos™ is designed for use by individuals at home or in a group. All that is needed is a computer with Internet access and the help of a family member or friend to navigate the course. This mouse-driven, self-paced course is appropriate for adults who were unable to attend school or with less than two years of formal education.

    Subscription Cost

    A $60 12 month subscription includes:

    • Individual access to online course
    • Downloadable worksheets
    • Course Guide
    • Call support

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    What You Need

    • Complete a short assessment
    • Personal login access
    • Headsets
    • Internet (no downloads necessary)
    • A friend or family member to help you login and navigate the course
    • Learn about the tutor's role

    Course Demo

    To bring Leamos™ to your home or group or if you would like to schedule a live demo, call (213) 262-8799 or email

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    FAQs about Leamos
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