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    by Patricia Celidon - Tuesday, 22 December 2015, 8:45 PM
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    Centro Latino for Literacy creates innovative solutions that transform lives through literacy. 

    About Us
    Founded in 1991, Centro Latino for Literacy (Centro Latino), a non-profit organization, teaches non-literate Spanish speaking adults how to read and write. In 2004, Centro Latino developed its hallmark curriculum, Leamos™- a web-based course created from twelve years of classroom implementation.
    Our course has undergone formative and summative evaluations conducted by Dr. Concepción Valadez, UCLA School of Education and Information Studies.

    Our vision: That every non-literate Spanish speaker in the United States achieves functional literacy(basic reading, writing, computing, and technology for every day life).

    Our experience: As of March 31, 2017, we have taught literacy skills, including basic math, grammar, and financial literacy to 5,747 non-literate Spanish speaking adults, the majority in the Los Angeles area. Centro Latino offers the Leamos course in other cities through its Literacy Partner Network.

    We are committed to offering literacy opportunities to thousands who were unable to attend school as children. For more information contact us at (213) 262-8799 or email


    Much of the work that has made Leamos™ a successful course has been supported by the leadership and countless hours that volunteers give to Centro Latino. Their genuine concern and care for our students has helped Leamos™ move forward. However, our work is not done. We can use:

    - Help with scholarship fundraising efforts

    - Tutors to support our Literacy Partners

    - Help with promoting Leamosonline, in the media and on the streets

    - Video and audio production capacity to create announcements for TV and radio

    - Programming and instructional design experience to create virtual learning materials

    - Graphic design and artwork

    Offer your talents, contact us at

    Thank you!


    Since 1991, adult literacy is made possible through the contributions of individuals and foundations. They have not only supported us financially, but they have also given us higher visibility and the opportunity to create partnerships with other organizations. We invite you to see our Giving Library video.

    With as little as $10, a literacy learner will get access to free Leamosmaterial. But, for $150, you can provide a 6-month scholarship subscription. When matched with the dedication and time commitment of a learner and tutor, your contribution gives someone the gift of literacy.


    Contribute online or send a check or money order to:

    Centro Latino for Literacy

    10718 White Oak Ave., Suite 4

    Granada Hills, CA 91344

    All contributions are tax-deductible.

    213-262-8799 Tel |